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Alan L. Keyes (Republican)

Alan L. Keyes

Current Offices Contending For: Republican U.S. President

Political Biography:

Rumor had it that Alan Keyes was out of the presidential race. However, as of February 15, 2008 he has been noted as back in.

This man is determined-probably the most determined of all the persons running. This is his third time running for presidential office. He also ran in 1996 and in 2000. He also ran as a candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois in 2004.

Alan L. Keyes has had other political experience as well. For instance, he was the key speaker at the Republican National Convention in 1992, and he was the Assistant Secretary, State for International Organization Affairs, 1985-1988.

Keyes was also the Ambassador for U.N. Economic and Social Council. Furthermore, he was involved in various organizations. For instance, he belongs to the Ronald Reagan Alumni Association, of which he is the president.

He is also the founder and chair of the Declaration Foundation, 1996 to present. He also belonged to the Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) as this organization’s president from 1989 to 1992. In addition, he founded the National Taxpayer Action Day in 1990.

Alan Keys has also had a variety of different professional experiences related to the political arena. For instance, he was the host of a talk show called Radio Talk Show Host, 'The Alan Keyes Show: America's Wake Up Call’ from 1994 to 1999.

He was also a syndicated columnist for Syndicated Columnist for Scripps Howard from 1991 to 1992. Moreover, he was Interim President of Alabama A & M University in 1991, and he also had served as a public speaker and radio and television commentator.

Alan Keye’s View on Select Issues:

Alan Keyes had taken the 2000 National Political Awareness Test. As of this date he believes the following:

Keyes believes that abortion should always be illegal. He also believes that whenever possible an unborn fetus should be saved, with or without life support.
Keyes is against partial birth abortion as well. Additionally, he wants to see waiting periods put on those who want abortions and he encourages the prohibition of funds to abortion clinics.

He wants to see decreased funding in areas such as education, arts, and environmental programs. He wants to see increased funding in national defense. He wants to see slight increase in funding for NASA and other science projects, scientific research, and national parks.

Keyes also supports school choice. He believes parents should be allowed vouchers to send their children any where.

He is very pro-military and would like to see an increase in number of space shuttle missions, military hardware, and modern weapons. He also wants to see an increase in funding for covert intelligence operations.

Alan Keyes also advocates ease of restrictions on gun control. He also believes citizens should be able to carry concealed weapons. He also wants to hold gun owners responsible for gun crimes committed by their children 16 and under.

As far as crime is concerned he is for rehab for certain criminals. He also supports stricter penalties when necessary, and penalties without parole in certain instances. He also supports drug and alcohol rehab programs.

Additionally, he supports relaxed standards on environmental issues. In addition, he believes that health care is not a responsibility of the federal government. He does, however, believe in equal provisions for deductibility for both small businesses and major companies.

Related to immigration, he advocates English as the official language. However, he supports an increase in immigration related to computer science and technology. He also supports naturalization and border patrol.

Moreover, he supports international aid to countries in trouble. He also supports helping close allies. More specifically, as of the year 2000 he supported maintained funding to Egypt, Colombia, Turkey, and Israel.

He wanted to eliminate funding to other countries such as Mexico, North Korea, Russia, and others. He also wanted to eliminate funding to organizations such as the African Development Fund.

Furthermore, he is for persons investing a portion of social security payments into private stocks and bonds instead of government treasuries. Along with that he was against Congress spending Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid surpluses.

Furthermore, Alan Keyes wants to push for a higher moral standard in America. He supports government intervention in the areas of television content. He also supports government regulation of internet content.

As far as poverty is concerned, he wanted aid to be redirected to faith-based organizations. He also wants funding for these types of projects to be redirected to various non-profit groups.

Voting Records:

Further information regarding his voting records may be available at a later time. You can contact groups such as Vote to see where you can find this information.

However, he has made numerous public statements regarding marriage, homosexuality, and the family. He believes marriage is meant for one man and one woman only. He also does not support any “health-based” education that suggests that homosexuality not a choice, that it is not a moral decision.

He is for religious freedom and he believes it is wrong for persons to equate homosexuality with race. He does not view it as the same thing.

That does not mean that Alan Keyes does not support civil rights. Actually, he does support true equality, meaning that all persons are created equal. He is against affirmative action, as he believes it does not promote equality.

Personal Biographical Information

Mike Huckabee has a wife named Janet. He also has three children named John Mark, David, and Sarah. He attended a seminary from 1976 to 1977.

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