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Ron Paul (Republican)

Current Offices Contending For: U.S. President, U.S. House

Political Biography:

Ron Paul currently serves in the U.S. House, District 14, and has held that position since 1996. He ran for president as a Libertarian candidate in 1988.

Ron Paul currently serves in the U.S. House, District 14, and has held that position since 1996. Before that, he served in House District 22 for various terms in the 1970s and 1980s.

Ron Paul ran for president as a Libertarian candidate in 1988. Four years earlier, he ran as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. Additionally, he had held a position as the Chairman of The Liberty Caucus of Fellow Congressmen.

Ron Paul had also received many awards over the years such as the following:

"Taxpayers' Best Friend" Award, National Taxpayers Union; Award of the Coalition for Peace Through Strength; Guardian of Freedom Award, and the Young Americans for Freedom.

Ron Paul’s View on Select Issues:

He has mentioned in one of his statements that “Working Americans like lower taxes.” He believes that lower taxes would actually help create more jobs.

Ron Paul has also made profound statements against the war in Iraq. He stated that this war has cost too many American lives. (view source)
Furthermore, he is against organizations such as NAFTA, WTO, and CAFTA.
He warns Americans that alternative treatments could be banned.

He is for herbs and supplements, and he believes that Americans should be able to choose how they eat and how they take care of their health. (view source) Additionally, Ron Paul has expressed that he has never in his 40 years in medicine seen the need for a woman to have an abortion. (view source)

In Ron Paul’s Statement entitled “War on Religion” He has expressed his concern about the lack of sentiment in America. This was particularly noted of the Christmas holiday. (view source)

Ron Paul takes on the founding father’s view of God and religion (without the religious oppression by the Pilgrims, of course.) Furthermore, he believes in the U.S. Constitution-the original and/or amended versions of it. He is against the taking away of personal freedoms.

According to the 1996 Ron Paul Political Awareness Test Ron Paul also shares the following views:

He does not support government-run affirmative action programs. He also believes in the decreasing of government funding for AIDS programs, Student loan funding, and Medicaid Funding.

He does, however, approve of certain initiative-type programs such as giving tax credit to companies who want to hire and train homeless people.

He also believed in the increase of tax deductions to local charities, and he supports the implementation of “enterprise zones” for high-unemployment communities. Furthermore, he proposed the elimination of taxes (as of 1996) for retirees of an income over $40,000.

He also proposed tax elimination for families who make less than $25,000.00 a year. He has spoken out against the current Economic Stimulus Package, however, and has come up with his own four-pronged plan of attack against economic hardship.

This would include the elimination of taxes that penalize savings and investments, the reduction of overseas commitments, and to improve the value of the U.S. Dollar.

He also did support the use of block grants, however, for items such as school lunches, welfare, and so on. He also believed in reducing prison sentences for those who committed non-violent crimes, and he believes in having alternative “boot camp.”

Voting Record Overview:


On 13/13/2003 Ron Paul voted for a bill that would prohibit the use of a partial abortion. More recently, he does not have a record of voting for an abortion pain bill, which actually failed in the house as of 2006. (He was most likely absent on the day of the vote). Back in 1997, Ron Paul voted yes to a bill that would ban partial birth abortions altogether.

Civil Rights

Ron Paul Voted against the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2007. If this law had been passed, D.C. would have been granted a voting representative, and D.C. would have been made in to a voting district.

Ron Paul Did not vote on the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008. This would have increased governmental intelligence on a global level.


He has not been recorded as voting on the “Recognition of the Importance of Christmas and Christianity” in 2008. This bill was meant to emphasize the importance of this religion and to spread it around the world.

He had, however, made a speech entitled “Keeping the World Safe for Christianity.” Furthermore, in 2006 he voted yes to the Public Expression of Religion Act of 2006 bill. It had passed in the House.

Taxes and Budget

Ron Paul Voted no to the Economic Stimulus Package. Ron Paul had expressed his concerns about this legislation on 1/27/2008. (View source). Ron Paul believes that the Economic Stimulus Package deals only with the symptoms of our country’s economic problem and not the source of it.

Background Information about Ron Paul:

He has a wife named Carol Wells and he has five children. His mother’s name is Margaret and his father’s name is Howard Paul. Ron Paul’s first job was as a bottle washer, and his father’s occupation was as a dairy operator.

Ron Paul considers Ludwig von Mises as his personal hero. In fact, Paul started the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

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