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John McCain III (Republican)

John McCain III

Current Offices Contending For: Republican U.S. President,

Political Biography:

John Mc Cain currently serves in the U.S. Senate, Senior Seat. He has held that position since 1987, and he ran also ran for president in the year 2000.

Furthermore, John Mc Cain was a National Security Advisor for the Dole/Kemp Campaign in 1996. Moreover, he serve in the House of Representatives from 1982-1986.

John McCain is currently a member of numerous organizations. One of those is the American Dream Political Action committee which he has been a part of since 1997.

He also has been an honorary member of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts since 1997, and he is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Affairs and Vietnam Veterans Association.

He also serves on various caucus committees such as the Environmental Energy Study Conference, National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the Senate Wilderness and Public Lands Caucus.

Jon Mc Cain had also received many awards over the years such as the following:

"Taxpayers' Best Friend" Award, National Taxpayers Union; Award of the Coalition for Peace through Strength; Guardian of Freedom Award, and the Young Americans for Freedom.

Ron Paul’s View on Select Issues:

John McCain as of 2004 has supported the prohibition of partial birth abortion. He does support abortion in certain cases, such as in incest, rape, and endangerment (mother during birth). He also supports the prohibition of public abortion funding.

He believes in either increasing or maintaining current level of spending in areas such as agriculture, arts, homeland security, and medical research. He believes that marriage should only be for a man and a woman and that same-sex couples should be allowed to form a civil union.

John McCain also supports the use of death penalty for serious crimes. According the Political Courage Report taken in 2004, he also does not support the elimination of death penalty for federal crimes.

He is for the increase of job-related programs to help unemployed persons find jobs. He does not support the elimination of federal programs to help support these people. He also is for diversification of the sale of company stock and other employee investments.

John McCain says he supports the enforcement of the Clean Water and Clean Air Act. He is against the relaxation of logging restrictions on federal lands. He also supports the use of alternative fuels such as ethanol and he supports the trading of energy pollution credits.

He also believes in the right for citizens to bear arms and is satisfied for the most part with the government control of them. He also supports various health legislation, such as Patient’s Bill of Rights, tax-free medical savings accounts, and Medicare prescription drug coverage. He also at this time (2004) supported stem cell research.

In addition to the above, John McCain supports low-income housing assistance, increase funding for child care, and does not believe in the abolition of all federal welfare programs.

Voting Record Overview:


In 2003 Jon Mc Cain voted for against the Prohibit Partial-Birth Abortion Bill. Furthermore, he also supported just last year (20007) the Prohibiting Funds for Groups that Perform Abortions Bill. He voted neither yes nor no on the Roe vs. Wade Amendment in 1999.

Civil Rights

Jon Mc Cain Voted against the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2007. If this law had been passed, D.C. would have been granted a voting representative, and D.C. would have been made in to a voting district.

Jon Mc Cain voted no on the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008. This bill would have increased governmental intelligence on a global level.

He did vote yes on FISA Amendments Act of 2007, a bill passed in the Senate in 2007 to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. He also voted no to the English as the Common Language bill in 2007.

He voted yes to the Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Amendment of 1998, and yes to the Unemployment Benefits Amendment in 2004. He voted no to Habeus Corpus for Detainees of the United States.


McCain voted yes to the child custody protection act. He voted no to the amendment which would have provided education regarding teen pregnancy, and to help prevent it. He also voted no to the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would have stressed the point that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Taxes and Budget

Jon Mc Cain voted yes to the Economic Stimulus Package Bill. He made it clear in a statement that illegal immigrants would not benefit from this bill at all. He also did stress that long-term economic reform needed to be made as well. (view source).

Awards Won:

He has achieved large amounts of recognition over the years. Among the awards won include the following: The 1996 Taxpayer’s Hero Award. He has also won the Silver and Bronze Stars, and the Legion of Merit, among others.

Background Information about John McCain:

His wife’s name is Cindy Lou Hensley his seven children are called Doug, Sidney, Andy, Meghan, Jack, Jimmy, and Bridget. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona and was born in Panama.

His father’s name is John McCain, Jr. and his mother’s name is Roberta. His favorite movie stars are Marylyn Monroe and Marlin Brando. His favorite musicians are Chuck Berry and Roy Orbison.

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